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Published: Kem. Ind. 71 (3-4) (2022) 163–169
Paper reference number: KUI-40/2021
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Regional Sensitivity Analysis of a Chelating Process Model Applied to Siderophore (Pyoverdine) Production

R. Berdja, M. Megateli, O. Abderrahmane, F. Ammad and M. Benchabane


Regional sensitivity analysis is a part of global sensitivity analysis methods. In this study, a multivariate sensitivity analysis was conducted on a qualitative-phenomenological model. Study results allowed us to pinpoint the most influential parameters. Moreover, important measures or ranking gave more insight into factors ordering according to their relative influence and permitted them to follow parameter sensitivities over time. Lastly, a confirmatory procedure using extensive parameter randomisation that covered a broad range of the parameters space allowed more insight into and certainty of each input parameters’ relative importance.

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dynamic modelling, regional sensitivity analysis, time-varying sensitivities, rank sensitivities, siderophore, pyoverdine, iron deficient media