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KUI 9 10 15 mockup2 Abbreviation: Kem. Ind.
ISSN: 0022-9830
EISSN: 1334-9090
UDK: 66:54(05)
Frequency: 12

Tockasta linija siva


KEMIJA U INDUSTRIJI (KUI, "Chemistry in Industry") is a scientific journal that publishes scientific and professional papers in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering, and particularly nurtures the Croatian chemical and chemical-engineering nomenclature and terminology. Criteria for acceptance of papers include originality of the work, its quality, as well as clarity and conciseness of the writing. Publisher of the journal is Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers.

KUI is the official journal of Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSCE) and of Croatian Chemical Society (CCS). In addition to scientific and professional papers, journal publishes opinions, commentaries, reviews and information from practice (for details see Instruction for Authors), and contributions under permanent or periodical headings, for example: Industrial and Market News, Technological Notices, Environment Protection, News and Notes, Calendar of Events (Congresses, Symposiums, Exhibitions), Book Reviews, Literature Service, Development of Chemical Industry, Chemical Education, etc.

Journal international abbreviation: Kem. Ind.

The publishing of the journal is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Croatia and partly by the following business corporations: INA – Oil Industry Plc., Zagreb; Ru-Ve d.o.o., Sv. Nedelja, and SIEMENS CROATIA. Journal is referred in Web of Science, and many other databases. For more information on journal metric values, please visit the follwoing link: Metric values.

Photocopies of the articles are available through The Genuine Article delivery program of the Institute for Scientific Information, 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA.


Journal is being published for 70 years continually and from the very beginning it is a journal of chemists and chemical engineers. It was founded in 1952 following the previous bulletin “Pregled tehničke literature i dokumentacije” (Technical Literature and Documentation Review) from 1951 which became a part of the journal, under the same title.




Assoc. Prof. Šime Ukić, Editor-in-Chief for articles in the field of chemistry
Assist. Prof. Dajana Kučić Grgić, Editor-in-Chief for articles in the field of chemical engineering
Tockasta linija siva
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Marulićev trg, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
E-mail: kui-editor@hdki.hr

Zdenko Blažeković, M.Sc.
Administrative Secretary
Graphic and Technical EditorTockasta linija siva
Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers
Editorial Office
Kemija u industriji (Chemistry in industry)
Berislaviceva 6/I, room 22
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone/Fax: +385 1 4872 490
E-mail: kui@hdki.hr