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KUI 3 4 2020 korice sjena Kem. Ind.
Volume: 69
No: 3-4
Year: 2020
Pages: 105–238
Number of scientific/professional papers: 8
Number of other articles: 0

Original scientific paper / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Eudiometry Presented in the Work of Josip Franjo Domin
N. Raos

Original scientific paper

A Comparison of “Neural Networks and Multiple Linear Regressions” Models to Describe the Rejection of Micropollutants by Membranes
Y. Ammi, L. Khaouane and S. Hanini
Effect of Silicate, Carbonate, Calcium Lignosulphonate, and Silicic Acid Additives on Ammonium Nitrate Degradation
A. O. Gezerman
Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modelling of the Drying Kinetics of Pharmaceutical Powders
S. Keskes, S. Hanini, M. Hentabli and M. Laidi


The Influence of Olive Pomace on the Environment
D. Kučić Grgić, M. Gavran, K. Miškić, A. Škunca and V. Ocelić Bulatović
Residues Management within the National Program for the Implementation of the Strategy for the Management of Radioactive Waste, Disused Sources and Spent Nuclear Fuel of the Republic of Croatia
Ž. Veinović, I. Prlić, T. Kujundžić, M. Surić Mihić, D. Perković, D. Domitrović, T. Korman, A. Mostečak and G. Uroić
Membrane Filtration as an Environmentally Friendly Method for Crude Biodiesel Purification
M. Ostojčić, S. Brkić, M. Tišma, B. Zelić and S. Budžaki

Professional paper / Chemistry in Teaching

Buffers in Education. I. Measuring the pH and the Fundamentals of Buffer Theory
D. Dabić and D. Petrin