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KUI 11 12 2021 korice sjena Kem. Ind.
Volume: 70
No: 11-12
Year: 2021
Pages: 627–793
Number of scientific/professional papers: 10
Number of other articles: 0

Original scientific paper

Treatment of Leachate from the Technical Landfill Centre Aïn Defla (Algeria) by Oxidation and Biosorption Process
B. Feraoun, A. E. Belhadj, K. Otmanine and M. Hammoudi
A Contribution to the Modelling of Fouling Resistance in Heat Exchanger-Condenser by Direct and Inverse Artificial Neural Network
A. Benyekhlef, B. Mohammedi, S. Hanini, M. Boumahdi, A. Rezrazi and M. Laidi
Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modelling of the Drying Kinetics of Pre-treated Whole Apricots
A. Bousselma, D. Abdessemed, H. Tahraoui and A. Amrane
Application of Immobilized TiO2 for Removal of Cu(II) Ions
I. Jajčinović, A. Štrkalj and I. Brnardić
Optimisation and Prediction of the Coagulant Dose for the Elimination of Organic Micropollutants Based on Turbidity
H. Tahraoui, A. E. Belhadj, N. Moula, S. Bouranene and A. Amrane
Projection of the Amount and Energy Potential of Mixed Municipal Waste in the Republic of Croatia
T. Domanovac, I. Sutlović, V. Filipan, D. Kučić Grgić, M. Šabić Runjavec and M. Vuković Domanovac
Validation of the ICP-MS Method for Determination of Trace Elements Provided by ICH Q3D Guideline in Fosamprenavir Calcium
I. Radić, M. Runje, M. Cvetnić, M. Halužan, M. L. Jeličić, M. Miloloža, D. Kučić Grgić, V. Prevarić, Š. Ukić and T. Bolanča

Professional paper

Industrial Scale Ammonia Pipeline Transfer System and Exergy Analysis
A. O. Gezerman


A Preliminary Study of the Sustainability of Oil Palm Biomass as Feedstock: Performance and Challenges of the Gasification Technology in Malaysia
M. S. M. Zaini and M. J. Jalil

Review / Chemistry in Teaching

Arsenic and Its Compounds: Toxins, Pigments, and Medicine
G. Pavlović