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The Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers – CSCE
Berislavićeva 6/I
10 000 Zagreb

The Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers (Hrvatsko društvo kemijskih inženjera i tehnologa – HDKI) is a unique association of chemists, chemical engineers and technologists, persons and legal subjects, which functions in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. It is permanently acting on the improvement of natural and technical sciences and their application in practice; it encourages all kinds of engineering activities aimed at the optimization of technical and economic development, welfare, security, health, environmental protection and social well-being.

CSCE publishes scientific journals Kemija u industriji, Chemical And Biochemical Engineering Quarterly, and journal of CSCE Student Section "Reaktor ideja". Apart from the aforementioned journals, CSCE also publishes scientific and professional books in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. We emphasize two series of editions:

•    Croatian Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
     (IUPAC rules and recommendations translated and adopted in Croatian)
•    Croatian Chemists and Chemical Engineers

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