36 (2) 2022
CABEQ 36 2 2022 korice LQ

CABEQ 36 (2) (2022) 91–173



Review of Technologies for the Recovery of Phosphorus from Waste Streams
A. Salkunić, J. Vuković and S. Smiljanić

Original Scientific Paper

Adsorptive Removal of Pentavalent Arsenic from Aqueous Solutions by Granular Ferric Oxide
R. Zakhar, J. Derco, F. Čacho and O. Čižmárová
Separation of Crocin/Betanin Using Aqueous Two-phase Systems Containing Ionic Liquid and Sorbitol
R. Madadi, S. Shahriari and H. Mozafari
Adsorption of γ-Valerolactone: An Alternative for Solvent Recovery after Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fermentable Sugars
L. G. Coelho, G. Johann, F. Palú, M. G. A. Vieira, R. Guirardello, V. N. T. Júnior and E. A. D. Silva
Remediation of an Organochlorine Compound in an Unsaturated Zone Using a DL-Limonene Microemulsion System
V. Campos, D. G. Marques and D. N. D. Anjos
Byproduct from Triphala Extraction as Tannin and Rutin Sources for Production of Gallic Acid, Isoquercetin and Quercetin by Solid-State Fermentation
T. Chysirichote and P. Pakaweerachat
A Novel L-Asparaginase from Enterobacter sp. Strain M55 from Maras Salterns in Peru
A. Hurtado, J. C. Flores-Santos, C. N. Flores-Fernández, S. Saavedra, J. H. P. M. Santos, A. Pessoa-Júnior, M. E. Lienqueo, M. J. Bayro and A. I. Zavaleta