Current Issue

CABEQ 38 (2) (2024) 97-183



Role of Computational Modeling in the Design and Development of Nanotechnology-based Drug Delivery Systems
E. Mikayilov, N. Zeynalov, D. Taghiyev and S. Taghiyev
The Unique Structure–Activity Relationship of Porphyrins and Clay Mineral Systems in Modern Applications: A Comprehensive Review
J. Hassen and J. Silver

Original Scientific Paper

Determining the Optimum Temperature Path Versus the Catalyst Working Time in a Trickle Bed Diesel Hydrodesulfurization Reactor
H. R. Homayonfar, H. A. Ebrahim and M. J. Azarhoosh
Paddle Mixer for Viscoplastic Materials and Pastes
A. Krupica and T. Jirout
A Proposed Model for Breakthrough Curves of Methylene Blue Adsorption on Biochar
H. D. Tran, H. N. Phuc, P. V. H. Phuong, L. N. P. Thien, T. L. Nguyen, U. P. N. Tran and V. Dang
Decolorization of Wastewater from Pulp and Paper Industry by Adsorption on Talc
N. Šoltýsová, J. Jurík, R. Zakhar and J. Derco
Isolation, Production Optimization, and Purification of a Debittering Enzyme from Bacillus megaterium AULS 1
G. N. Devi, G. Sangavi, M. Chakravarthy and J. L. Sweetlin