How to respond to the review request?
If you haven't used this system until now, to access the system you need to set initial password.

a) Go to the link: I’ve lost my password.
b) In the required field, please type the e-mail on which you’ve received the review request.
c) Click on the button "Send me the password reset link".
d) You will then receive a message (on a specified e-mail) that includes a link to reset the password and to set the password to access the system.
e) After logging into the system, you can respond on the review request, see the details of the paper through following link: Paper status, and then follow further instructions for review submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve already used the system before, the steps from a) to d) are not required. Please log in into the system via link Login by entering your email and password, and then click on the link: Paper status and follow further instructions for review submission.