32 (3) 2018
CABEQ 32 3 2018 korice LQ

CABEQ 32 (3) (2018) 281-390


Original Scientific Paper

Drug Mass Transfer Mechanism, Thermodynamics, and In Vitro Release Kinetics of Antioxidant-encapsulated Zeolite Microparticles as a Drug Carrier System
Z. L. Yaneva, N. V. Georgieva, L. L. Bekirska and S. Lavrova
Inhibition of Copper Corrosion in NaCl Solution by Propolis Extract
V. Grudić, I. Bošković and A. Gezović
Intensification of the Rate of Diffusion-controlled Electrochemical and Catalytic Reactions at a Helical Coil by a Fixed Bed Turbulence Promoter
M. . Elnaggar, M. S. Mansour, A. H. El-Shazly, S. A. Nosier, Y. . A. El-Taweel and G. H. Sedahmed
Efficient Extraction of Bioactive Flavonoids from Ginkgo biloba Leaves Using Deep Eutectic Solvent/Water Mixture as Green Media
M. Yang, J. Cao, F. Cao, C. Lu and E. Su
Ultrafiltration Membrane for Degumming of Crude Palm Oil-Isopropanol Mixture
N. Aryanti, D. Hesti Wardhani and A. Nafiunisa
Experimental Modelling of Local Heat Transfer Process for a Gas-liquid System in an Agitated Vessel with the System of A 315 – RT Impellers
I. Bielka, M. Cudak and J. Karcz
Performance Prediction of Waste Polyethylene Gasification Using CO2 in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed: A Modelling Study
R. Alli, P. Kannan, A. Al Shoaibi and C. Srinivasakannan
Shedding Light on Lipase Stability in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents
A. A. Elgharbawy, A. Hayyan, M. Hayyan, S. N. Rashid, M. R. M. Nor, M. Zulkifli, Y. Alias and M. E. Mirghani
Biodegradation of Acid Scarlet 3R by a New Salt-tolerant Strain Alcaligenes faecalis LJ-3: Character, Enzyme and Kinetics Analysis
X. Song, F. Liu, H. Zhou and H. Yang
Assessing the Synergistic Effects of Co-digestion of Maize Silage and Red Chicory Waste
A. Cortesi, V. Gallo, D. Solinas and R. Vitanza