doi: 10.15255/CABEQ.2018.1319

Published: CABEQ 32 (3) (2018) 281-298
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Drug Mass Transfer Mechanism, Thermodynamics, and In Vitro Release Kinetics of Antioxidant-encapsulated Zeolite Microparticles as a Drug Carrier System

Z. L. Yaneva, N. V. Georgieva, L. L. Bekirska and S. Lavrova

The aim of the present study was to develop a new vitamin E-zeolite drug carrier system, and investigate the mass transfer mechanism of the antioxidant encapsulation and release on/from the mineral matrix by thermodynamic and kinetics sorption/desorption experiments and mathematical modelling of the experimental data. The surface, morphological and spectral characteristics of the vitamin and the zeolite were determined by Boehm titration, SEM, FTIR and UV/Vis spectrophotometric analyses. Intraparticle diffusion was not the only rate-limiting mechanism, as the mixed-order kinetics model gave the highest regression coefficient (R2) and lowest SSE, MSE, RMSE, and AICC values. The thermodynamic study confirmed the endothermic nature of the spontaneous encapsulation process and increased degrees of randomness at the solid-liquid interface. The in vitro release results were best modelled by the zero-order and sigmoidal models. The results obtained are essential for the development of innovative vitamin E-carrier systems for application in human and veterinary medicine. (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

vitamin E, zeolite, drug encapsulation/release, kinetics, thermodynamics, mathematical modelling