29 (2) 2015
CABEQ 2 15

CABEQ 29 (2) (2015) 67-305

Poly(hydroxyalkanoate) (PHA) Biopolyesters: Production, Performance and Processing Aspects

Original Scientific Paper

Poly(hydroxyalkanoate) Production by Cupriavidus necator from Fatty Waste Can Be Enhanced by phaZ1 Inactivation
S. Povolo, M. Basaglia, F. Fontana, A. Morelli and S. Casella
Heterologous Expression of Various PHA Synthase Genes in Rhodospirillum rubrum
C. Klask, M. Raberg, D. Heinrich and A. Steinbüchel
Study on the Production and Re-use of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3- hydroxyvalerate) and Extracellular Polysaccharide by the Archaeon Haloferax mediterranei Strain DSM 1411
M. Koller, E. Chiellini and G. Braunegg
Production of PHB from Chicory Roots – Comparison of Three Cupriavidus necator Strains
C. Haas, V. Steinwandter, E. Diaz De Apodaca, B. Maestro Madurga, M. Smerilli, T. T. Dietrich and M. Neureiter
Pilot-scale Production of Functionalized mcl-PHA from Grape Pomace Supplemented with Fatty Acids
S. Follonier, R. Riesen and M. Zinn
Plant Oils and Products of Their Hydrolysis as Substrates for Polyhydroxyalkanoate Synthesis
M. Walsh, K. O’Connor, R. Babu, T. Woods and S. Kenny
Blending of Polyhydroxybutyrate-co-valerate with Polylactic Acid for Packaging Applications – Reflections on Miscibility and Effects on the Mechanical and Barrier Properties
V. Jost and R. Kopitzky
Forensic Engineering of Advanced Polymeric Materials. Part 1 – Degradation Studies of Polylactide Blends with Atactic Poly[(R,S)-3-hydroxybutyrate] in Paraffin
J. Rydz, K. Wolna-Stypka, G. Adamus, H. Janeczek, M. Musioł, M. Sobota, A. Marcinkowski, A. Kržan and M. Kowalczuk
High Performance Compostable Biocomposites Based on Bacterial Polyesters Suitable For Injection Molding and Blow Extrusion
L. Pérez Amaro, H. Chen, A. Barghini, A. Corti and E. Chiellini


Use of Lignocellulosic Materials for PHA Production
S. Obruca, P. Benesova, L. Marsalek and I. Marova
Photo-autotrophic Production of Poly(hydroxyalkanoates) in Cyanobacteria
B. Drosg, I. Fritz, F. Gattermayr and L. Silvestrini
Strategies for Large-scale Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates
G. Kaur and I. Roy
Solid-state Fermentation for the Production of Poly(hydroxyalkanoates)
R. Sindhu, A. Pandey and P. Binod
Mathematical Modelling as a Tool for Optimized PHA Production
M. Novak, M. Koller, G. Braunegg and P. Horvat
Application of Poly(hydroxyalkanoate) In Food Packaging: Improvements by Nanotechnology
K. Khosravi-Darani and D. Zwicker Bucci
Poly(hydroxy alkanoate)s in Medical Applications
K. P. Luef, F. Stelzer and F. Wiesbrock
LCA of PHA Production – Identifying the Ecological Potential of Bio-plastic
M. Narodoslawsky, K. Shazad, R. Kollmann and H. Schnitzer