18 (1) 2004
Cabeq 2008 01 korice

CABEQ 18 (1) (2004) 1–88

Editors Note to the Special Issue “Renewable Resources”
Professor Franz Moser: Shaping Chemical Engineering over 30 Years in Austria


Biorefinery – Systems
B. Kamm and M. Kamm

Original Scientific Paper

The Green Biorefinery Austria – Development of an Integrated System for Green Biomass Utilization
S. Kromus, B. Wachter, W. Koschuh, M. Mandl, C. Krotscheck and M. Narodoslawsky
Designing Water Reuse in a Paper Mill by Means of Computer Modelling
D. Ravnjak, G. Ilić and A. Može
Applications of Renewable Fibrous Materials
A. Bartl, B. Mihalyi and I. Marini
Mathematical Model of Lead Biosorption by Rhizopus nigricans Pellets in a Laboratory Batch Stirred Tank
A. Kogej and A. Pavko
Manufacturing of Stabilised Brown Juice for L-lysine production – from University Lab Scale over Pilot Scale to Industrial Production
M. H. Thomsen, D. Bech and P. Kiel
Physical Properties of Grass Fibres
M. Sfiligoj Smole, K. S. Kleinschek, T. Kreže, S. Strnad, M. Mandl and B. Wachter
Lignocellulose Feedstocks for the Production of Lactic Acid
M. Neureiter, H. Danner, L. Madzingaidzo, H. Miyafuji, C. Thomasser, J. Bvochora, S. Bamusi and R. Braun
Curing of the Diethylene Glycol Bis(Allyl Carbonate) Determination of the Kinetic Triplet A, Ea,app, f(α) Using the Isoconversional Method and Compensation Effect
D. Klinar, J. Golob and M. Krajnc
Diffusion Coefficient of Diallyl Terephthalate Monomer into Thin Polymer Film
I. Hace, J. Golob and M. Krajnc
Laboratory Scale and Pilot Study of the Treatment of Municipal Landfill Leachate
N. Černila Zajc, M. Glancer, M. Grömping and V. Šoljan