Published: CABEQ 18 (1) (2004) 21–28
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Applications of Renewable Fibrous Materials

A. Bartl, B. Mihalyi and I. Marini

Fibrous materials originating from annual plants are becoming increasingly important today. The use of long fibers is well-established in a variety of applications such as textiles, non-wovens and composite materials. The present investigations will deal with short fibers not only accessible from the above mentioned sources but also from waste materials or man-made fibers originating from renewable materials. The different methods for grinding fibrous materials in order to obtain a specific fiber length and fiber width distribution are illustrated as well as methods for fiber analysis. Short fibers can be used for a broad variety of purposes. This paper gives a brief literature review on the present state of the art concerning short fibers. For some selected examples own investigations were carried out. It is well demonstrated that short fibers from renewable materials have great potential for future applications.

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Natural fibers, grassland, renewable materials, fiber analysis, grinding