Published: CABEQ 18 (1) (2004) 1–6
Paper type: Review

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Biorefinery – Systems

B. Kamm and M. Kamm

Biorefineries combine necessary technologies between biogenic raw material and the industrial intermediates and final products. The paper represents the providing code-defined basic substances (via fractionation for the development of industrially relevant product family trees). The main focus is directed on precursor-containing biomass with preference of the carbohydrate line, in particulary on bulk chemical lactic acid and their sequence products, e.g. polylactic acid. Futhermore potential industrial biorefineries are described, such as lignocellulosic feedstock biorefinery, green biorefinery and whole corn biorefinery.

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Biorefineries, biogenic raw material, biobased industrial products, biobased industrial products, poly(lactic acid)