27 (4) 2013
Cabeq 2013 04 korice

CABEQ 27 (4) (2013) 385–518


Original Scientific Paper

Modelling Enzymatic Reduction of 2-keto-D-glucose by Suspended Aldose Reductase
G. Maria and M. D. Ene
A Novel Dual-Membranes WGS Reactor with Palladium Alloy and Polyvinyl Alcohol Membranes for Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery
M. Rahimipanah, M. Baniadam, S. H. Noie Baghban and M. Mahdavian
Computer Simulation of Catalytic Oxidation of Gaseous Ammonia in Bubbling Fluidized Bed
P. Kannan, A. Al Shoaibi and C. Srinivasakannan
Interaction of β-Lactoglobulin with Resveratrol: Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies
M. Sahihi, Y. Ghayeb and A. Khalegh Bordbara
The Influence of Treatment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Inoculum with a Magnetic Field on Subsequent Grape Must Fermentation
M. Berlot, T. Rehar, D. Fefer and M. Berovič
Preparation and Property of Urease Immobilization with Cationic Poly(4-vinylpyridine) Functionalized Colloidal Particles
J. Zhou, J. Cao, W. Huang, L. Huang, Y. Wang, S. Zhang, Y. Yuan and D. Huaa
Biocatalytic Synthesis of Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate: A Comparison of Different Commercial Lipases
S. Ortega, J. L. Gómez, J. Bastida, M. F. Máximo, M. C. Montiel and M. Gómez
Release of β-galactosidase by Permeabilization of Indigenously Isolated Lactobacillus acidophilus Using Lysozyme
H. S. Choonia and S. S. Lele
Application of Experimental Design and Canonical Analysis of Response Surfaces to the Optimization of Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 42A2
E. Rodríguez-Carmona, A. Manresa and J. Bastida
Acidogenic Fermentation Towards Valorisation of Organic Waste Streams into Volatile Fatty Acids
F. C. Silva, L. S. Serafim, H. Nadais, L. Arroja and I. Capela
Boiler-Feed and Process Water Reclamation from Biotreated Palm Oil Mill Effluent (BPOME): A Developmental Review
M. S. Jami, M. K. Amosa, M. F. R. Alkhatib, D. N. Jimat and S. A. Muyibi
Ultrasonic Disintegration of Sewage Sludge to Increase Biogas Generation
I. Zawieja and L. Wolny
Improvement of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Steam-exploded Wheat Straw by Simultaneous Glucose and Xylose Liberation
M. Marcos, M. T. García-Cubero, G. González-Benito, M. Coca, S. Bolado and S. Lucas
Flocculating Properties of a Bioflocculant Produced by Bacillus sp. Isolated from a Marine Environment in South Africa
A. M. Ugbenyen and A. I. Okoh