23 (3) 2009
Cabeq 2009 03 korice

CABEQ 23 (3) (2009) 251–398


Original Scientific Paper

Prediction of Improved Performance of Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactor by Periodic Modulation of the Feed Rate
V. Staněk, J. Hanika, V. Jiřičný, P. Stavarek, V. Tukač and J. Lederer
Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition by Pyrite in the Presence of Fe(III)-ligands
P. Chirită
Studies on Transport of Carbonate Ions through a Supported Liquid Membrane
A. G. Gaikwad
Soft Sensors for Kerosene Properties Estimation and Control in Crude Distillation Unit
N. Bolf, G. Galinec and M. Ivandić
Vibration Analysis of Heat Exchangers of a Nitric Acid Plant
I. Šoljić, L. Matijašević and I. Dejanović
Prediction of Gas Consumption During Hydrate Formation With or Without the Presence of Inhibitors in a Batch System Using the Esmaeilzadeh-Roshanfekr Equation of State
M. R. Talaghat, F. Esmaeilzadeh and J. Fathikalajahi
Statistical Modeling in Fire-ignition Hazard Evaluation
J. Šrekl and J. Golob
Applicability of Fenton and photo-Fenton Processes to Combined Industrial and Domestic Wastewater
A. Arslan and B. Öztürk
A Whole-cell Model to Simulate Mercuric Ion Reduction by E. coli under Stationary and Perturbed Conditions
G. Maria
Treatment of Landfill Leachate by H2O2 Promoted Wet Air Oxidation: COD-AOX Reduction, Biodegradability Enhancement and Comparison with a Fenton-type Oxidation
D. Goi, G. Di Giorgio, I. Cimarosti, B. Lesa, G. Rossi and G. Dolcetti
ATPS as an Efficient Method for Separation of Bionanoparticles: Investigation and Optimization of Partition Behavior of pDNA
M. Khavarpour, F. Tabandeh, M. Jahanshahi, M. Khodabandeh and H. Ahmadi Danesh
Application of a Maturity-accelerating Reagent (MAR) to Food Wastes Composting Processes
Y. Li, J. Liu, G. Huang, H. Yu, K. An and B. Zhang
Process Intensification of Nicotinic Acid Production via Enzymatic Conversion using Reactive Extraction
S. Kumar and B. V. Babu
Neural Observer Based Hybrid Intelligent Scheme for Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment
E. A. Hernandez-Vargas, E. N. Sanchez, J. F. Beteau and C. Cadet
Anaerobic Treatment of Swine Wastewater in Semicontinuous Clayey Support Reactors
M. M. Durán-Barrantes, A. Jiménez-Rodriguez, F. Romero-Guzmán and J. A. Fiestas-Ros de Ursinos
Optimization of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources for L-asparaginase Production by Enterobacter aerogenes using Response Surface Methodology
G. Baskar, M. Dharmendira Kumar, A. Anand Prabu, S. Renganathan and C. Yoo