Published: CABEQ 23 (3) (2009) 295–308
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Prediction of Gas Consumption During Hydrate Formation With or Without the Presence of Inhibitors in a Batch System Using the Esmaeilzadeh-Roshanfekr Equation of State

M. R. Talaghat, F. Esmaeilzadeh and J. Fathikalajahi

In this work, the ability of different equations of state to predict the gas consumption during hydrate formation in a batch system has been evaluated using the model of Kashchiev and Firoozabadi. The first state equation used for this purpose was the one developed by Esmaeilzadeh and Roshanfekr. The predictions were then extended using PR, SRK and Patel Teja equations. The ability of the different equations of state were evaluated for single gases of methane and ethane and their mixtures adding to more than a thousand experimental data existing in the literature. The consumption of gas during hydrate formation was predicted both with and without the presence of kinetic inhibitors. In the case of double hydrate formation, the state equation based on the Kashchiev and Firoozabadi model for simple gas was modified by lumping the component of hydrate formation as a pseudocomponent. The results of this extension study show that the equation developed by Esmaeilzadeh and Roshanfekr is just as suitable for predicting gas consumption during hydrate formation as any of the other well known state equations such as PR and SRK.

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Gas consumption rate, equation of state, Kashchiev and Firoozabadi model, simple gas hydrate, double gas hydrate, driving force