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Published: Kem. Ind. 72 (9-10) (2023) 585–591
Paper reference number: KUI-62/2022
Paper type: Review
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Nature-based Solutions for Integrated Local Water Management

A. Mubi Zalaznik, U. Brodnik and A. Pugelj


Nature-based solutions (NBS) imitate natural processes and serve to generate multi-benefit values and services to the local communities. Sustainable solutions are multi-purpose measures implemented at the site, and offer communities targeted environmental water-related solutions in wastewater treatment, water retention, and pollution mitigation that result in a climate-resilient landscape. Numerous good cases combine NBS for environmental pollution mitigation, prevention, and management. They can be implemented and managed locally, and are stimulated as zero-emission and climate-resilient technology. The main areas of intervention where NBS is best applied are agricultural run-off mitigation (constructed ecosystems), wastewater and leachate treatment (constructed wetlands), revitalisation of standing water bodies (floating wetlands), stormwater retention measures (rain gardens), and nutrient reuse (sludge drying reed beds). A new report by the Sustainable sanitation Task Force (active in Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe) on NBS in wastewater treatment indicates a moderate improvement in NBS application, but also relevant progress in engineering knowledge and innovation. It also estimates the application of several NBS treatment technologies for rural sanitation improvement and water reuse potentials.

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nature-based solutions, wastewater treatment, leachate treatment, sludge treatment, urban drainage, landscape water management, constructed wetlands, floating treatment wetland, sludge drying reed beds, urban rain garden