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Published: Kem. Ind. 72 (9-10) (2023) 559–565
Paper reference number: KUI-56/2022
Paper type: Review
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Organic Reactions in Water

D. Gašo-Sokač, V. Bušić, D. Zobundžija and M. Habuda-Stanić


It is an exceptional challenge to perform organic reactions in water. In the last decade, scientific research in the field of water as a green solvent has continued to grow exponentially. Apart from being cheap, water is harmless to the environment and sometimes gives completely unexpected reactivity in reactions. There is a wide range of organic reactions that can take place in water: from common oxidation-reduction reactions, reactions involving carbocations and carbocations, pericyclic reactions, transition metal reactions, and others. Organic reactions in an aqueous medium are used in the chemistry of carbohydrates and in the chemical modification of biomolecules. More recently, water has been used as a medium in microwave synthesis. This review gives an insight into the importance of this field, since organic reactions in water as a solvent, take place according to the principles of green chemistry.

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green chemistry, water, organic reactions