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Published: Kem. Ind. 72 (1-2) (2023) 87–93
Paper reference number: KUI-31/2022
Paper type: Review / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Features of Crude Steel Mass Production in the Republic of Croatia from 1954 to 2020

M. Gojić, S. Kožuh, I. Ivanić and M. Bakić


This work presents a brief review of mass crude steel production technology in the 1954–2020 period, with an accent on steel production in the Republic of Croatia in the 1992–2020 period. Steel producers in Croatia were Ironworks in Sisak and Split. Steel was produced using Siemens-Martin (Sisak) and electric arc furnaces (Sisak and Split). Today, steel is produced only by ABS Sisak Ltd., using contemporary electric arc furnaces including steelmaking processes (ladle-furnace and vacuum degasser). Due to the devastation of the working capacities of Sisak Ironworks (before 2012), and shutdown of steel production at Split Ironworks, today Croatia has no possibility of processing its own steel by plastic deformation processes into semi-finished products and/or finished products. In Croatia, during the 1954–2020 period, about 9.3 Mt of crude steels were produced (carbon and low alloyed steels). Also shown is the role of higher education and scientific-research work in steelmaking in the Republic of Croatia.

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metallurgy, steelmaking, SM furnace, electro arc furnace, ABS Sisak Ltd.