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Published: Kem. Ind. 72 (1-2) (2023) 45–54
Paper reference number: KUI-25/2022
Paper type: Review
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Methods for Obtaining Immortelle Essential Oil, Hydrolate, and Macerate, and Parameters for their Quality Assessment

B. Bilandžija, L. Bilandžija, L. Pollak and S. Inić


Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G. Don), belonging to the family of Asteraceae, is typically a Mediterranean plant that has a long-lasting medicinal and pharmaceutical use. The aim of this paper was to emphasise the importance of standardising procedures, as well as defining the value range within which the parameters for assessing the quality and purity of essential oils, hydrolates, and macerates should be, considering the growing commercial interest in these preparations. Quality testing is important to determine the safety, but also the effectiveness of the application of immortelle essential oil, hydrolate, and macerate, which also opens the possibility of their wider use in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries. Determination of relative density, refractive index, acid value, pH value, turbidity, and essential oil content has already been used as a standard for determining the quality of officinal essential oils in European Pharmacopoeia. The introduction of standardised procedures for testing the quality and purity of immortelle essential oil, hydrolate, and macerate would help better analytical control of these preparations on the market.

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immortelle essential oil, hydrolate, macerate, quality testing, physical and chemical parameters