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Published: Kem. Ind. 71 (11-12) (2022) 751–758
Paper reference number: KUI-24/2022
Paper type: Professional paper
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Sizing of Small Capacity Plants for Aerobic Treatment of Household Biowaste

T. Domanovac, M. Vuković Domanovac, D. Kučić Grgić and M. Šabić Runjavec


Maintenance of green urban areas, backyards and gardens, as well as food preparation and consumption generate municipal biodegradable waste, i.e., biowaste that must be collected and processed in accordance with environmental protection regulations and waste management objectives of the Republic of Croatia. By determining the composition and amount of municipal waste, the quantities generated in the assumed area were estimated. From the mentioned input data on the amount of biowaste and input process data that are relevant for the implementation of biological treatment of biowaste in aerobic conditions, the necessary equipment and space were dimensioned, taking into account the dynamics of the process and the necessary technological operations. Thus, the operation of machines for shredding and mixing with a capacity of about 50 m3 h–1, aeration and irrigation with a capacity of about 1,000 m3 h–1, screening with a capacity of about 23.2 m3 h–1, as well as manipulation of biowaste and compost was planned. Four bioreactors with a capacity of about 1 421 t y–1 each, fans and other process-measuring equipment were planned. Waste air flow with biodegradation products were purified before released into the atmosphere using a biofilter of about 9 m2 and 1.5 m of filled layer of wood chips, bark, mature compost, and other additives. By composting about 3 641 t y–1 of biowaste, which is approximately the minimum amount of biowaste that a presumed area of about 77 000 inhabitants needs to be processed to meet the waste management objectives of the Republic of Croatia, the estimated production of about 2 575 t y–1 of mature compost would be reduced by about 34.1 %, or volume by about 50.5 %. About 2 174 000 EUR needs to be invested in facilities and equipment, with total operating costs of about 83 EUR/t of input biowaste.

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biowaste, biological treatment, composting plant, plant sizing, cost estimation