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Published: Kem. Ind. 71 (3-4) (2022) 177–184
Paper reference number: KUI-47/2021
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Effect of Synthesis Methods on the Catalytic Reforming of Kerosene

E. Saidi, M. Ziarati, H. Dehghani and N. Khandan


Ni/Y samples were prepared by various synthesis methods to investigate the catalyst performance in the reforming of kerosene. Properties of the samples were characterised using XRD, BET, NH3-TPD, and FTIR techniques. Analysis of the products revealed that more isoalkanes were obtained by the sol-gel method (37.3 %), but the deposition method produced higher aromatic content (32.7 %). Ultimately, the production of 75.81 % jet fuel with a standard range of aromatics (10.70 %) and higher naphthenes (19.3 %) over impregnated catalyst led us to conclude that lower Brønsted acid sites inhibited the occurrence of side reactions and produced more jet fuels.

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reforming, kerosene, synthesis method, Ni/Y catalysts, zeolite