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Published: Kem. Ind. 71 (1-2) (2022) 67–74
Paper reference number: KUI-45/2021
Paper type: Review / Chemistry in Teaching
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Glass, from Antics to Space Age

M. Čalogović and T. Marjanac


Glass has been produced since ancient times, and today is a high-technology material embedded in almost every technical product. This article describes how ancient glass was produced, and how the technology evolved developing new types of glass with ever better properties. Fabricated glass is compared with natural glass such as obsidian and tektite. The versatile use of glass today spans from flat window glass to heat-resistant Pyrex glass, which was used for the primary mirror of the large telescope on Mt. Palomar observatory, and in space technology. The education section describes several easy experiments, which may be conducted in Chemistry classes.

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STEM, structure, types, production, properties of glass, experiments, chemistry education