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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (9-10) (2021) 543–549
Paper reference number: KUI-34/2021
Paper type: Original scientific paper / From our Libraries
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Research Data of Croatian Authors on the Web of Science Platform

J. Bolkovac, T. Krajna and J. Petrak


Open access to research data is an important part of the concept of open science. The aim of this article was to identify Croatian authors/institutions that have recognized the importance of sharing research data, and that have given them access via one of the data repositories covered by Data Citation Index. A total of 265 documents were found in the database. Data papers by Croatian authors available on the Web of Science Core Collection platform were also analysed. Twenty-nine of them were found, mostly of multidisciplinary orientation. The authors of the largest number of data documents are affiliated to the University of Zagreb. Croatian researchers are archiving data in international repositories, because the infrastructure for their archiving at the national level has only recently been developed, and is just beginning to be used.

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open science, research data, data papers, data repositories