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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (3-4) (2021) 171–178
Paper reference number: KUI-82/2020
Paper type: Review / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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History of the Development of the Metallurgy Scientific Field – From the High Technical School to the Formation of the Department for Metallurgy of the Zagreb Technology Faculty

M. Gojić


This work reviews the development of the scientific field of metallurgy within the domain of technical science – from the High Technical School to the formation of the Department for Metallurgy, Zagreb Technology Faculty. Also presented is the development of teaching, scientific, and professional activities, including metallurgy teachers in the Republic of Croatia during the 1919–1960 period. The contribution of the metallurgical industry to the development of metallurgy as a scientific field in the Republic of Croatia is shown.

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High Technical School, metallurgy, Department for Metallurgy, Faculty of Technology