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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (11-12) (2021) 711–716
Paper reference number: KUI-80/2020
Paper type: Professional paper
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Industrial Scale Ammonia Pipeline Transfer System and Exergy Analysis

A. O. Gezerman


Anhydrous ammonia is the most used raw material in chemical fertilizer production. In the fertilizer production process, during the transportation of anhydrous ammonia, pressure and temperature have to be kept under control. Transport and storage of anhydrous ammonia requires resistance to cryogenic conditions. Therefore, materials that are resistant to cryogenic conditions are preferred for the transport of ammonia. In this study, the kinetic energy of anhydrous ammonia transported under cryogenic conditions (−33 °C) was analysed and solutions proposed to minimize the problems such as cracking and corrosion occurring in the materials that form the structure of transportation and storage systems due to cryogenic conditions were discussed.

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ammonia, cryogenic conditions, multistage compressor, manifold