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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (11-12) (2021) 717–728
Paper reference number: KUI-77/2020
Paper type: Review
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A Preliminary Study of the Sustainability of Oil Palm Biomass as Feedstock: Performance and Challenges of the Gasification Technology in Malaysia

M. S. M. Zaini and M. J. Jalil


The excessive energy utilisation worldwide has prompted awareness of finding a new clean energy. Malaysia has large oil palm resources and releases huge amounts of oil palm biomass. Since oil palm biomass is abundantly available in Malaysia, it has the high potential of being utilised as fuel for gasification technology. Although many institutions in Malaysia are undertaking numerous research activities, the gasification technologies are not progressing as expected. The understanding of the potential and challenges faced by Malaysian industries are vital to evaluate the feasibility of gasification technology using oil palm biomass in Malaysia.

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greenhouse gases, oil palm biomass, sustainability, challenge, gasification technology, energy conversion