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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (3-4) (2021) 153–162
Paper reference number: KUI-57/2020
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Nitrogen Oxide Soil Emission Measurements Using Passive Samplers and Static Chamber Method

Ž. Zgorelec, M. Galić, M. Kolman, M. Mesić and G. Pehnec


Nitrogen oxides play a major role in atmospheric chemistry, like primary pollutants, in the formation of secondary air pollutants or greenhouse gases (GHGs). This research study was conducted in the Western Pannonian sub-region of Croatia with the aim to determine the suitability of our internally developed passive sampler and static chamber method for N-NO2 concentration measurement. The aim was also to determine the impact of mineral soil fertilization on the N-NO2 flux during triticale vegetation. The research showed that the method used was suitable. Average daily N-NO2 flux ranged from 2.78 to 5.09 mg ha–1 day–1 depending on phenophase and treatment. Statistically significant differences in N-NO2 flux between two monitored treatments (300 kg N ha–1 and 0 kg N ha–1) were not observed, nor between two investigated phenophases.

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Croatia, N-NO2 flux, fertilization, triticale vegetation, agroecosystem