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Published: Kem. Ind. 69 (11-12) (2020) 639–646
Paper reference number: KUI-54/2020
Paper type: Author’s Review
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Relevance of an Essay by a Scientist on the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

V. Šunjić


Along with the presentation of the most interesting aspects of the world-famous essay by C. M. Cipolla “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” with comments that emphasize actuality and high relevance of this text of the famous Italian scientists, selected examples from the literature and aphorisms related to this topic are also presented. Cipolla introduces the reader to his contemplation with a fine but provocative irony. His text, unique by construction, is based on pseudo-scientific analysis of human society, supported by fictive experimental results. For readers from our scientific, technical or entrepreneurial milieu, this text will surely represent a great surprise, but also entertainment and hint for reflection. Their former experience from many circumstances, and with specific persons, will probably appear in a new light, and push the readers to observe, from a proper distance, the many events that influenced their lives and carriers.

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basic laws, share of stupid people in a population, social influence of stupid people, relationship between power and stupid actions