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Published: Kem. Ind. 70 (3-4) (2021) 129–135
Paper reference number: KUI-46/2020
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Adsorption of Vanadium(V) From Textile Industry Effluent Using Luffa cylindrica Activated Carbon

K. Nwosu-Obieogu, G. Dzarma, B. Okolo, K. Akatobi and F. Aguele


This study investigated the utilisation of Luffa cylindrica activated carbon as a low-cost adsorbent in the removal of vanadium(V) from textile industry effluent in a batch adsorption experiment. The adsorption rate was studied for contact time, pH, and adsorbent dosage. The effect of pH on vanadium(V) removal was studied with 0.2 g/100 ml adsorbent dose, 10 min contact time, and textile effluent solution. The maximum removal efficiency was 99.90 % at pH 4, 97.43 % at 60 min of contact time, and 97.83 % at an adsorbent dosage of 1.0 g. The characterisation results from FTIR and SEM indicated that the adsorbents’ potential was fully exploited. In this study, the experimental findings were fitted using Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. Freundlich model gave a better fit of the experimental data. The kinetic data by the pseudo-second order kinetic model gave a better fit than the pseudo-first order kinetic model.

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adsorption, Luffa cylindrica, efficiency, textile industry effluent, environment