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Published: Kem. Ind. 69 (1-2) (2020) 43–46
Paper reference number: KUI-34/2019
Paper type: Professional paper / Chemistry in Teaching
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Chemical (Silicate) Garden, One Experiment for Education in STEM Field

M. Čalogović


Visualization of chemical processes is of primary importance in chemistry education. One of such experiments is the chemical garden, which is formed by addition of soluble metal salts in a solution of sodium silicate, or some other anion that forms a colloid gel with a metal ion. Gel forms tubular semi-permeable membranes, which morphologically resemble garden plants. This paper describes preparation of a chemical garden with easily obtainable chemicals. This simple experiment visualizes osmosis-related precipitation and is a very convenient teaching tool.

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STEM, experiments, osmosis, silicates, chemical education