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Published: Kem. Ind. 69 (1-2) (2020) 25–34
Paper reference number: KUI-21/2019b
Paper type: Review
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Modern Decontaminants for Chemical Warfare Agents: Part II – Metal Oxides

D. Tušek, I. Cetina and V. Pehar


Metal oxides are nontoxic compounds that are, in their powder form, used as decontaminating agents; they are simple to use and apply, easy to store, and have very high active surface capacity. Metal oxides, especially in nanoform, show excellent physisorption and chemisorption properties towards toxic compounds like chemical warfare agents and their simulants. Although sorption and decontamination properties of many metal oxides are being researched, only magnesium, aluminum, and titanium oxide showed the greatest commercial usability. Some metal oxides in nanoform show destructive adsorption properties, which is very interesting in research of the metal oxides suitable for decontamination of chemical warfare agents and other chemical, biological, and radiological toxic substances. Besides metal oxides, research focus is also on metal cations used as dopants in other metal oxides and zeolites in order to improve sorption properties.

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chemical warfare agents, decontamination, metal oxides, metal dopant