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Published: Kem. Ind. 67 (5-6) (2018) 241–245
Paper reference number: KUI-06/2018
Paper type: Professional paper / Chemistry in Teaching
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How to Write Lewis Dot Structures

B. Blagović


Lewis structures or Lewis dot structures show the way in which the atoms in the molecule are linked to each other, as well as the arrangement of valent electrons of all atoms in the molecule. Applying simple rules, which are more in accordance with the molecular orbital theory, the dot structures even of complicated molecules can be written with ease. If beside those rules we apply the VSEPR theory, we can deduce the structure and the shape of the molecule, and from the structure of the molecule, we can deduce the hybridization of the atoms. When we calculate the formal charges, from their values we can conclude if the structure is stable or more stable resonance structures exist. If the molecule in consideration contains atoms from the third period and on, in that case, more stable structures can be obtained by the formation of multiple bonds and expanded valence shell. In the present paper, the application of the above mentioned is shown step by step on several examples.

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Lewis structures, Lewis dot structures, VSEPR theory, formal charge, resonance, hybridization