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Published: Kem. Ind. 67 (7-8) (2018) 309–317
Paper reference number: KUI-46/2017
Paper type: Review
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Electric Arc Furnace Dust as a Valuable Production Residue from the Steel Production Process

A. Rađenović, T. Sofilić and A. Ivančić


Although, due to the presence of heavy metals, electric arc furnace dust is classified as hazardous waste, it can be used for various purposes, which is a more acceptable way of disposing it than in a landfill where the metals in the dust remain unused. This paper presents a review of electric arc furnace dust, its physicochemical properties and possible use. With regard to the physicochemical properties of electric arc furnace dust and its high iron content, a very convenient solution is its return to the primary process of steel production. Furthermore, electric arc furnace dust can be used in the non-ferrous metal industry to obtain heavy metals, such as zinc, as well as in some other industries (e.g., cement, ceramics, paint, etc.).

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metallurgical waste, electric arc furnace dust, disposal, reuse