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Published: Kem. Ind. 63 (1-2) (2014) 33–39
Paper reference number: KUI-44/2012
Paper type: Review
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Chemical Engineering Aspects of Biodiesel Production II. Reaction Product Properties, Process Kinetics and Mass Balances.

D. Sinčić


Transesterification of vegetable oils or fats in the conventional industrial process of biodiesel production results in the mixture of products, which requires particular treatment procedures. In this part of the paper, first the property of the reaction product phases then the characteristics of the separation process are delineated. The kinetics of the transesterification is briefly presented afterwards. Particular emphasis is given to the yield calculations for various vegetable oils. The basics of mass balances calculations of the entire process including reaction components and the products of two-stage transesterification are presented, including biodiesel and by-products purification system.

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biodiesel, chemical engineering, transesterification kinetics, transesterification yield calculations, transesterification mass balances