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Published: Kem. Ind. 67 (1-2) (2018) 39–48
Paper reference number: KUI-08/2017
Paper type: Review
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Excited State Reactions of Oxazoles and Their Derivatives. Part I: Phototranspositions in the Ring

I. Šagud and M. Šindler-Kulyk


Heterocyclic compounds are a very important part of organic chemistry. Oxazole is a five-membered heterocycle with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the ring. Oxazole is part of complex structures used in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and material chemistry. In the excited state, the oxazole ring can rearrange itself via several reaction mechanisms. In this paper, an extensive literature overview is given for photoisomerisations (phototranspositions) in oxazole, isoxazole, and benzisoxazole ring. A literature review is also given for phototransformations of the ring in the presence of oxygen (photooxygenation reactions), as well as for photoformation of the oxazole ring.

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oxazole, photochemistry, heterocycles, isomerisation, photooxygenation