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Published: Kem. Ind. 63 (1-2) (2014) 1–9
Paper reference number: KUI-06/2013
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Preparation of Electrically Fused Magnesium Oxide from Calcined Magnesite for Use in Electrothermics

S. Hoda, I. Zeqiri, M. Sadiku, M. Kelmendi and B. Baruti


Nowadays, there is a great need for materials that can withstand oxidative environment at very high temperatures. The most important material for such use is electrically fused MgO with melting point 3098 K and of great importance in the production of high-heat-resistant materials. MgO crystals obtained from melt have a regular structure, with few structural faults, compared to MgO crystals, which are formed at lower temperatures by sintering process. The goal of this work is the preparation of pure electrically fused MgO for use in electrothermics, from calcinated magnesite. Because the Republic of Kosovo possesses grade magnesite (MgCO3), in this research for preparation of pure fused MgO in the electromelting furnace in Kosovska Kamenica samples of Strezovce magnesite deposit were used. After granulated fused MgO preparation, the optimum heat treatment and hardness were determined under controlled atmosphere, temperature range, and total time. Based on the research presented in this paper, it can be concluded that under optimal conditions at all stages, from calcined magnesite deposits of Strezovce, Republic of Kosovo, possible is the preparation of fused MgO for use in electrothermics, of quality comparable to MgO, which is available on the world market.

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electrically fused MgO, furnace, sintering, electrothermics, heat treatment, hardness