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Published: Kem. Ind. 65 (11-12) (2016) 571–578
Paper reference number: KUI-26/2016
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Study on the Preparation and Mechanical Properties of MgAlON Composites

Y. Guo


MgAlON composites have been prepared under nitrogen atmosphere, using Dengfeng calcined alumina w(Al2O3) = 85 % and other raw material, in order to reduce the production cost and make full use of the rich bauxite resources in Henan Province. The effects of the different sintering temperature and different matrix content on the preparation and properties of MgAlON composites were investigated. The results indicated that: apparent porosity, linear expansion, and weight gain had increased; the gradual bulk density decreased with an increased amount of MgAlON, but the room temperature flexural strength increased; the bulk density of the specimen decreased slightly; the apparent porosity increased, room temperature flexural strength increased with the temperature; the best sintered performances of the specimen was at 1500 °C. Compared with the bauxite-based MgAlON composite magnesia material, the alumina-based spinel MgAlON composite material had higher density and better strength effect of nitride.

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MgAlON composites, sintering, bauxite-based MgAlON, bauxite-based spinel MgAlON