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Published: Kem. Ind. 65 (11-12) (2016) 613–618
Paper reference number: KUI-23/2016
Paper type: Professional paper
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Modification of Yellow River Sediment Based Stabilized Earth Bricks

J. Liu, R. Hai and L. Zhang


This paper presents an experimental study on the microstructure and performance of stabilized earth bricks prepared from the Yellow River sediment. The sediment is modified by inorganic cementitious material, polymer bonding agent, and jute fibre. The results show that the sediment is preliminarily consolidated when the mixture ratio of activated sediment/cementitious binder/sand is 65/25/10. Compressive strength and softening coefficient of stabilized earth bricks is further improved by polymer bonding agent and jute fibre. SEM images and EDS spectral analysis indicate that there is indeed synergy among inorganic hydration products, polymer network and jute fibre to strengthen the sediment.

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Yellow River sediment, stabilized earth bricks, strengthening network, synergy