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Published: Kem. Ind. 65 (11-12) (2016) 605–612
Paper reference number: KUI-15/2016
Paper type: Professional paper
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Preparation and Characterization of Composite Phase Change Materials Containing Nanoparticles

J. Yu, Z. Yu, C. Tang, X. Chen, Q. Song and L. Kong


The phase change thermal control method is now widely used in aircraft thermal protection due to its high energy density, constant temperature control, flexible operation, and many other advantages.1–6 However, thermal conductivity of most current phase change materials is low in phase transition process.7–10 This paper will add high thermal nanoparticles to phase change material in order to enhance the thermal conductivity, which, however, has some problems, such as settlement in the macro, reunion at the micro, etc. These problems also influence the improvement of the thermal conductivity. In view of this, a dispersing agent was introduced to these phase change materials, and then the mixed solution was subjected to ultrasonic dispersion. According to the test results, this treatment was effective in maximizing thermal conductivity of the composite phase change materials.

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nanoparticles, phase change materials, dispersant, ultrasonic dispersion, thermal conductivity