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Published: Kem. Ind. 66 (5-6) (2017) 229–239
Paper reference number: KUI-12/2016
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Study on the Effect of Jet Velocity on Mixing Performance and Sludge Prevention in Large-Scale Crude-Oil Tanks by the CFD Technique

A. A. Lotfi Neyestanak, M. R. Tarybakhsh and S. Daneshmand


In this paper, computational fluid dynamic modelling was developed to study the effect of the floating jet velocity or submerged rotary jet in sludge prevention in a large crude-oil storage tank. The Euler-Euler method was used in a two-dimensional CFD model to describe oil and sludge flow behaviour at the bottom of the storage tank. By modifying some parameters, the k-e model was used to describe the turbulence of the mixing flow. The results show the effect of jet velocity, angle, and time on the mixing process. By increasing the velocity from 5 m s–1, the mixing pattern significantly changes and improves the mixing of the sludge with crude oil. To evaluate the results, chosen was the sludge profile related to the bottom of the sample tank, and modelling results showed an 80 cm reduction in thickness of the sludge, which corresponds well to the profile of the bottom of the tank. In addition, the y+ axis indicated that the amounts at all points were less than 300, which is acceptable in two-phase modelling.

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submerged rotary jet mixer, large-scale oil storage tank, sludge prevention, modelling of fluid flow, computational fluid dynamics, Euler-Euler method