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Published: Kem. Ind. 63 (7-8) (2014) 265−268
Paper reference number: KUI-11/2013
Paper type: Preliminary communication
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A Method for Optimizing Technical Parameters of the Vacuum Freeze-Drying Process

X. M. Qian, W. R. Huang and P. H. Lou


Vacuum freeze-drying is a technique that makes a material dehydrate at low temperature and low pressure, and it has many merits. A control system is designed and developed based on a certain area freeze-drying machine. A test by the control system is done to optimize the freeze-drying technical parameters. According to the test results, by the method of quadratic orthogonal experiment, the key parameters, including duration, temperature and vacuum of freeze-drying, are analysed and optimized. The test proves the optimized parameters valid for certain vacuum freeze-drying machines and certain bacterins. Furthermore, the optimized parameters show that the vacuum freeze-drying method is useful for any area vacuum freeze-drying machine and any bacterin.

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vacuum freeze-drying, control system, technical parameters, optimizing