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Published: Kem. Ind. 65 (1-2) (2016) 51−58
Paper reference number: KUI-32/2015
Paper type: Professional paper
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Preparation of Synthetic Granulated Ammonium Sulphate

N. Zečević, M. Ljubičić, J. Bjelić, H. Lisac and S. Valkov


According to its original design, the plant for production of granulated NPK complex fertilizers and granulated MAP as well, within the manufacturing complex of Petrokemija Plc., was not envisaged for the production of synthetic granulated ammonium sulphate. Revamping of the facility into a pipe cross reactor and rotary drum granulator with the use of sulphuric acid and liquid ammonia has enabled the production of synthetic granulated ammonium sulphate. The main changes and activities performed at the existing facility are shown in Fig. 2. Regarding the remarkable exothermic and corrosive potential of the neutralization reaction between ammonia and sulphuric acid, a proprietary technology has been developed through the specifically derived pipe cross reactor, providing safe and continuous operation with production capacity of 20 t h−1. The original metal for the pipe cross reactor was inadequate for continuous operation due to extremely intensive corrosion propagation of ammonium sulphate slurry. The impact of the described effect is shown in Fig. 3. Together with the application of the pipe cross reactor, it a method for using a special additive for the purpose of the granulation process has also been developed, because without it, the ammonium sulphate could not be converted into granular shape. The overall process scheme for the preparation of granulated ammonium sulphate is shown in Fig. 5. The physicochemical quality of the produced ammonium sulphate in relation to all required characteristics is extremely satisfactory compared to other types of complex fertilizers, which can be observed in Table 1. Table 2 shows the consumption of raw materials and utilities during preparation of granulated ammonium sulphate. An image of the shape of the granulated ammonium sulphate is presented in Fig. 6. The developed granulated ammonium sulphate production process is classified as a new product in the production portfolio of complex fertilizers of Petrokemija Plc., with special emphasis on usage in a blending procedure with other straight fertilizers.

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additive, ammonium sulphate, granulation, pipe cross reactor