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Published: Kem. Ind. 63 (7-8) (2014) 259−264
Paper reference number: KUI-23/2013
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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The Kinetics of Ethanol Fermentation Based on Adsorption Processes

Z. Liu and X. Li


Currently, almost all ethanol fermentation kinetic models are based on the Monod equation. Such models belong to empirical models, hence are not suitable for the optimization and expansion of real processes. In this work, a new ethanol fermentation kinetic model, in which all parameters had definite physical meaning, was established based on the adsorption mechanism. Through batch fermentation experiment with different initial glucose concentrations and comparison with existing model, this model has the advantage of high precision and few parameters. It also possessed obvious regulation in the model parameter that, with the increase in initial glucose concentration, the maximum specific growth rate μmax and adsorption equilibrium constant KS of glucose decreased and adsorption equilibrium constant KP of ethanol increased. This model provides a new perspective for kinetics research of fermentation.

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fermentation, biofuel, kinetics, biochemical engineering