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Published: Kem. Ind. 52 (2) (2003) 53–64
Paper reference number: KUI-15/2002
Paper type: Professional paper

History of Chemistry at Krizevci College (1860-1918)

A. Jurić


The history of development of chemical science at the College of Agriculture at Krizevci, since its establishment in 1860, until it ceased to exist as higher educational institution in 1918, is described. The first chemical laboratory in Eastern Europe was founded in 1860, at the College of agriculture and forestry in Krizevci. In its early years the laboratory was used only for student's experiments. With reorganization of the college and posting Prof. Pexider, laboratory was restored, the soil, milk, wine and brandy from Krizevci area examined for the first time. Further development of the college, posting of excellent chemists such as Mohacek, Metelka, Njegovan et al., and introducing of new subjects, has improved education of students. Fertilizer was used for the first time. This paper includes bibliographies of all people who worked in following subjects, chemistry, agrochemistry, economical chemistry and Institute's laboratory. Fundamental trends of development of chemistry, as well as the people who contributed to it, were especially considered. This is relevant for the fact that it was at the College of Agriculture in Krizevci that the first laboratory of chemistry in Croatia was established and its purpose was practical training of students of chemistry and chemical technology.

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history of chemistry, College of Agriculture at Križevci