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Published: Kem. Ind. 52 (7-8) (2003) 359–365
Paper reference number: KUI-47/2002
Paper type: Conference paper
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Feasibility Research of Industrial Waste Utilisation in Terrain Consolidation of Tuzla Town Subsidence Zone

S. Mičević and J. Sadadinović


Terrain degradation and ground subsidence appears in a proces of rock salt exploitation in the rock salt deposit Tuzla. Ground consolidation after completed exploitation presents a very long term proces that endangers urban area of the Tuzla town. There are some ideas to use industrial waste, from power plant in Tuzla, for stowing empty spaces remained after leaching of salt, in order to accelerate the ground consolidation upon completed exploitation. Results of investigation of chemical proceses when industrial waste from power plant is mixed with the brine from the salt deposit "Trnovac", were presented in this paper. It was confirmed that, taking into account mutual action of brine and waste, it is posible to dispose electric filtering ash and slag into empty space created bay salt leaching. Through analysis of chemical proces between investigated stowing materials in brines, for different period of times (7, 15, 32, and 60 days), intensive anions and cations concentration changes were registered in first fifteen days after mixing two phases. Defusing proces appears after about twenty days. It was established a decreasing content of all investigated parameters in saturated brines. The greatest changes in all samples were in a content of CaO, which means that the stowing material partly disolves in the brine. Significant changes of investigated parameters, in relation to initial state, were not established when dealing with les salty solutions. Just a content of CaO was registered.

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brine, chemical proceses in brines, industrial waste, electric filtration ash and slag, disolving in brine