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Published: Kem. Ind. 52 (7-8) (2003) 347–351
Paper reference number: KUI-39/2002
Paper type: Conference paper
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Environment Information Company System

V. Dugandžić


The paper provides review of the Environment Information Company System as a subsystem of the Management System of the Production Company. EICS is also a subsystem of Environment Management Company System. The basic function of the Environment Management Company System is continuous improvement of the environment protection measures; the System is focused on the asesment and evaluation of environmental situation. To realize these functions and tasks, the Environment Management Company System needs timely and comprehensive information about environmental situation and influences upon the environment. Environment Information Company System enables gathering of such information and systematic integration and procesing of the information. By providing the relevant information to the Environment Management System, Environment Information Company System enables its efficient functioning and ensures efficient integral protection of company's environment. The structure of Environment Information Company System consists of external information (information and data about providers, users, distribution, legal regulations and norms, and about consulting and scientific institutions) and internal information (information and data about environmental situation within the company, about management and production flow, and about production proces). The structure of the System also consists of procedures, models and rules, and their interactions, integration and courses.

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information system, environment, company, environmental management, environmental protection