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Published: Kem. Ind. 52 (9) (2003) 421–426
Paper reference number: KUI-13/2003
Paper type: Conference paper
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Decomposition of Nitrogen Monoxide in a Catalytic Monolith Reactor

L. Zrnčević, T. Brajdić and V. Tomašić


The influence of the proces parameters on the overall decomposition rate of nitrogen monoxide was investigated by using monolithic catalysts of different composition (various ratio of cordierite and Cu/ZSM-5 zeolite; various amounts of binder). The reaction was examined in the experimental monolithic reactor. Modelling of the monolithic reactor was performed applying a two-dimensional (2D) heterogeneous model. In developing the model the following asumptions were taken into account: steady-state and isothermal conditions, laminar flow and negligible presure drop along the monolithic channel. The model included convective transfer and radial diffusion in the fluid phase, intraphase diffusion in the axial and radial direction, and chemical reaction within the catalytic layer. Catalytic decomposition of the nitrogen monoxide was described by Langmuir-Hinshelwood type of the rate equation. The quantities of the reactor model were estimated from the experimental data using the modified differential method and Nelder-Mead method of non-linear optimization. Generally, there was a good agreement between experimental data and model predictions. It was found out that the behaviour of the experimental monolithic reactor was mainly limited by interphase mas transfer.

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catalytic decomposition of NO, Cu/ZSM-5 zeolite, mass transfer, modelling, monolith reactor