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Published: Kem. Ind. 53 (7-8) (2004) 359–366
Paper reference number: KUI-31/2003
Paper type: Review
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Adamantane as a Building Block in the Construction of Crown Ethers and Cryptands: Synthesis, Structure and Properties

K. Mlinarić-Majerski


Several new adamantane- and oxaadamantane-containing crown ethers and cryptands have been synthesized, and their ability to complex metal cations has been studied. In molecules of this type, the adamantane moiety functions as a rigid spacer that lowers the conformational mobility of the host molecule and also affects the size and shape of the host cavity relative to the corresponding parent non-substituted system. The results of the extraction experiments combined with the molecular modeling studies of the corresponding K+ complexes showed, that preorganization in given host-molecules exerts a dramatic influence upon that molecule's ability to interact effectively with guest metal ions to form corresponding host-guest complex.

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adamantane crown ethers, oxaadamantane-crown ethers, extraction experiments, cation complexation, cation transport