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Published: Kem. Ind. 53 (10) (2004) 441—447
Paper reference number: KUI-21/2003
Paper type: Review
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LC-NMR or a Deeper Insight into Complex Mixtures

P. Novak


This article describes main characteristics of a hyphenated LC-NMR technique and gives an overview of its recent applications in pharmaceutical research. Inherent low sensitivity, which prevented a wider use of this technique at its early stages, has been substantially increased by technological developments in the past decade. This primarilly includes innovations in NMR electronics, powerfull superconducting magnets, efficient solvent suppression schemes and cryo-technology. The main solvent suppression pulse sequences currently used in LC-NMR are described and some typical examples are given. LC-NMR working modes are discussed in terms of nature of a sample, available equipment, composition of a mobile phase and the way of chromatographic elution. Recent results are presented demonstrating a widespread use of LC-NMR and LC-NMR-MS methodologies in solving problems which involve complex mixture analysis, degradation products of final drug substances, natural products, and drug metabolites.

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liquid chromatography-nuclear magnetic resonance, complex mixture of compounds, final drug substances, degradation products, drug metabolites